[EDO BEAUTY LAB] draws inspiration from traditional Japanese skincare rituals and the art of the Japanese tea ceremony to formulate the Green Radiance Clay Mask. It’s our signature three ingredient product that targets skin concerns like acne, blemishes, dullness, and uneven skin tone.  Here are 3 reasons why you’ll love our Green Radiance Clay Mask.

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1. Dry Ingredients + No Synthetic Preservatives = Longer Shelf Life?!

Unlike ready-made face masks, powder masks are made of dried natural ingredients. Moreover, they don’t need to rely on synthetic preservatives or chemical additives to boost their shelf life. To put it simply, ain’t nothing getting between your skin and all that natural goodness!

Despite the absence of preservatives, powdered face masks have a longer shelf life than their liquid counterparts, but how is this possible?

Preservatives are necessary in order to keep any liquid, gel, or cream mask in its activated form. Most importantly, preservatives prevent the ingredients from spoiling. This is why these types of masks typically do best when used immediately after opening. When stored in optimum conditions (a cool and dark place, for example), they last up to 6-12 months. Powder masks, on the other hand, consist of dry ingredients activated by adding water or another agent directly before use. 

J-beauty is no stranger to powder masks. In fact, for over 400 years, the “Geisha Facial,” dried Japanese Nightingale droppings, was the key to a geisha’s bright, flawless complexion. While we haven’t gone as far as incorporating animal dung in our signature product, we use powdered komatsuna, a leafy green vegetable grown in Edogawa, Japan for centuries.

2. Potent Ingredients

If you’re looking to take your powder mask to the next level, you can do so by switching up your mixing agent to unlock the true potency of its ingredients. 

Our Green Radiance Clay Mask uses just three ingredients — French green clay, matcha, and our star ingredient, komatsuna, the leafy green superfood from Japan.


Together these ingredients target a variety of specific skin concerns and your skin’s condition and needs. French green clay controls excess sebum and oil production while the antioxidants in matcha and komatsuna limit the production of free radicals and brighten your skin.

Our top recommendations: Try honey to calm skin and treat breakouts; yogurt to brighten and soothe; or aloe vera to firm and revitalize the skin. Prefer a thick, paste-like mask or like it a bit runny? No problem, it’s all up to you! A powder mask puts YOU in control — it isn’t complete until you’re ready for your pampering session.

3. Ritualized Healing

Preparing a powder mask can be a messy affair. But, much like the tea ceremony in Japanese culture, mixing a powder mask can be an introspective activity.

Japan is the birthplace of many ritualized healing practices like Zen meditation and kintsugi, the art of repairing broken pottery with gold inlay.  At [EDO BEAUTY LAB], it is our sincere hope that our Green Radiance Clay Mask will become a form of ritualized healing for you. 

Set aside 15 minutes each week to prepare and apply the Green Radiance Clay Mask. Take a moment to reflect on yourself, your skin’s condition and its needs. As you mix the Green Radiance Clay Mask to your desired consistency, the aroma of matcha calms your senses and opens your heart. Try to avoid the temptation multitask while you mask — instead use the time to unwind and relax your body. 

When you feel the mask drying around your eye and mouth, it’s time to wash off the Green Radiance Clay Mask. Gently remove any residue with a tenugui, the Japanese exfoliating towel, then follow up with your favorite hydrating toner to nourish your skin.

About The Green Radiance Clay Mask

The Green Radiance Clay Mask is a powerful blend of French green clay, matcha, and komatsuna that becomes a potent mask when the ingredients are activated with your choice of distilled water, plain yogurt, honey, or aloe vera!  French green clay controls excess sebum and oil production; Meanwhile, the antioxidants in matcha and komatsuna limit the production of free radicals and brighten your skin. 

Are our 3 reasons why you’ll love our Green Radiance Clay Mask enough to convince you to give it a try?

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