About Us


Edo Beauty Lab was founded in Edogawa City, Tokyo, Japan in July 2020 and formally incorporated in May 2021.

We’re committed to introducing you to the natural beauty of Edogawa City through the basic principles of a Japanese skincare routine: simplicity and functional ingredients.

Green Radiance Clay Mask

Discover a greener side to Japanese skincare with our signature powder-to-paste Green Radiance Clay Mask*.  Handmade in small batches with skin-loving ingredients in Edogawa City, Tokyo, Japan, using our native superfood, komatsuna.

*“GREEN RADIANCE CLAY MASK” is a registered trademark of 株式会社EDO BEAUTY LAB (Edo Beauty Lab Inc.).

Edo Beauty Lab: The Shop

Our flagship debut coincides with a transformation as a lifestyle brand and upcoming products that soothe and balance the MIND, BODY, and SKIN.

Meet Our Founder

I’ve always believed in “self-care through skincare.” 

It’s my way of taking a break from balancing childcare, work, and whatever else life throws my way!

I invite you to introduce ritualized healing into your skincare routine with our original beauty products which are 100% produced and manufactured in Edogawa City, Tokyo, Japan.

The rich history of our artisanal craftsmanship and agricultural industry awaits you!

About Us