The wait is over! After a year of planning, [EDO BEAUTY LAB] is currently in the final stages of production. Here’s your chance to preview our full EDO BEAUTY LAB product lineup!

At [EDO BEAUTY LAB], it is our desire to share the wonders of “green beauty” and the natural beauty of Edogawa, Japan through our komatsuna skincare products and handcrafted tools. Our products are proudly handmade in Edogawa, Japan, which enables [EDO BEAUTY LAB] to make Sustainable Development Goals work for our community. Learn more about our story.

EDO BEAUTY LAB Product Lineup

Komatsuna Print Tenugui


A tenugui is an thin, rectangular cloth that’s been part of Japanese bathing culture for centuries.


This exfoliating facial cloth features a whimsical botanical print inspired by our native superfood, komatsuna. Komatsuna print designed by Ace Rivera.


Hand dyed by Murai Senkoujo, Tokyo’s sole remaining specialty manufacturer of tenugui operating in Edogawa, Japan since 1936.


100% cotton and measures approximately 90 cm x 35 cm.

【素材】綿100% 【サイズ】約35x90cm



Green Radiance Clay Mask


Introducing the world’s first komatsuna skincare product! (Yes, it’s true!)


Proudly made in Edogawa, Japan using our native superfood komatsuna, our Green Radiance Clay Mask is a preservative-free and anti-oxidant rich blend of French green clay, matcha and komatsuna to detox and brighten and the skin.

江戸川区内で製造された グリーンレイディアンスクレイマスク は 防腐剤不使用で 江戸川区産「小松菜」使用。美容成分・栄養成分が豊富に含まれており、肌の健康をを守りながら美しい肌へ導く。

To use, simply add water and mix to your desired consistency. Leave on for 5-10 minutes then rinse thoroughly. Use 1-2 times a week to tighten pores, remove impurities, and stimulate circulation. 

使い方は簡単: 洗顔後、おおさじ1~2杯)を水に溶し、ペースト状に練り、 顔全体になじませる。 5~10分ほど待ってから水またはぬるま湯でしっかり洗い落とす。 週1-2回の頻度でご利用ください。定期的に角質ケアを行うと、毛穴やキメに溜まった汚れや古い角質を吸着して取り除きます。

This product is produced by Rovian, a licensed cosmetics manufacturer operating in Edogawa, Japan for 35 years.


【Ingredients】 Illite (Green Clay), Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Brassica Rapa Leaf/Stem Powder


Net weight: 50g


Komatsuna Radiance Duo


Unleash your skin’s inner glow with this powerful exfoliating duo featuring our signature Green Radiance Clay Mask and komatsuna print tenugui.


The natural fibers of a tenugui are effective in removing makeup, dirt, and pollutants that accumulate on your face throughout the course of a day. The fibers also act as a gentle exfoliator that stimulates skin cellular turnover, the period in which new skin cells replace old skin cells.


Regular exfoliation breaks down dead skin, which lead to a dull, uneven complexion. These dead skin cells also mix with oil on the skin’s surface, leading to clogged pores, blemishes, breakouts, along with whiteheads and blackheads!


The Green Radiance Clay Mask uses green clay, a natural detoxifying ingredient that rejuvenates skin cells by removing dead skin cells, and excess oil that clog the pores

Leave on skin for 5-10 minutes and rinse thoroughly with warm water. Follow up with a damp tenugui to gently remove any residue.



Discover Edogawa Collection


This bundle features 4 items handcrafted in Edogawa, Japan: our signature Green Radiance Clay Mask, original komatsuna print tenugui, (1) limited edition “Edo x Tokyo” tenugui; a wooden multipurpose tool.

4点セット内容:小松菜柄手ぬぐい(1本);グリーンレイディアンスクレイマスク(50g);「えどコレ!(江戸川区名産品)」EDO&TOKYO 江戸てぬぐい(1本);「えどコレ!(江戸川区名産品)」天然木製匙 (1本) 

The “Edo x Tokyo” tenugui comes in 5 colors and is a joint production between the Tokyo metropolitan government and 4th generation textile dyer Eiichi Takahashi of Edo Yukata. 100% cotton and measures approximately 96 cm x 37 cm

東京都と「江戸ゆかた」の共同開発(EDO&TOKYO) 「江戸てぬぐい」。東京が持つ多様性を視覚的にも表現した、伝統色の5色の中からお選びいただけます。「江戸ゆかた」は、高常の会長である高橋常兵衛さんが長年収集してきた型紙の古典柄を現代に復活させた浴衣で、江戸から伝わる染め物の細かな柄を味わえます。【素材】綿100% 【サイズ】約37×96cm

Use the sleek and minimalist wooden spoon to measure, mix, and apply the Green Radiance Clay Mask. Handcrafted by Hideo Takahashi, a skilled local artisan with more than 20 years’ woodworking experience under his belt. Made from Japanese oak. Measures approximately 18.5 cm.


EDO BEAUTY LAB Product Lineup

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