It’s that time of the year— shokuyoku no aki (食欲の秋), or autumn, the season for eating! When it comes to delicious Japanese fall foods, you may already be familiar with seasonal delights like chestnuts, saury, persimmons, mushrooms, and sweet potatoes. However, here in Edogawa City, autumn marks the start of our annual Komatsuna Gourmet Stamp Rally! (小松菜グルメスタンプラリー) Here’s how to have some Edogawa Komatsuna Gourmet Stamp Rally Fun!

What is the Komatsuna Gourmet Stamp Rally?

For the uninitiated, a stamp rally (スタンプラリー) is an event where you visit different locations in order to collect stamps (or stickers) to win prizes.

Stamp rallies in Japan are usually organized by train operators, tourist associations, and local municipalities. They can be a collaboration between several organizations.

I personally love trying all the komatsuna dishes here in Edogawa! This us why I look forward to the Komatsuna Gourmet Stamp Rally every year. 

The best part about the Komatsuna Gourmet Stamp Rally is travelling all over Edogawa City to try all the amazing komatsuna-based foods and drinks

Most of the places featured in the official guidebook have komatsuna dishes/drinks year round. However, some places have limited edition dishes made especially for this stamp rally!

What’s more, this year, Edo Beauty Lab is one of 42 shops participating in the 9th Annual Komatsuna Gourmet Stamp Rally.





It’s not an exaggeration to say that being able to participate in this year’s Komatsuna Gourmet Stamp Rally as a vendor is a dream come true. After all, komatsuna is a big deal in this part of Tokyo, and this is an incredible honor for Edo Beauty Lab!

The 9h Annual Komatsuna Stamp Rally begins on Tuesday, November 1, 2022 and ends on Tuesday, January 31, 2023. It’s a 3 month long event, so you’ll have plenty of time to taste the wonders of Edogawa City! 

Edogawa City Travel Information

Edogawa City is located in East Tokyo, along its namesake Edo River, which is the natural boundary between Tokyo and Chiba Prefecture.

The JR Sobu Lines (中央・総武緩行線), Toei Shinjuku Line (新宿線), and Tokyo Metro Tozai (東西線) all serve Edogawa City:

JR Sobu Line: Hirai, Shin-Koiwa* (some parts), Koiwa

Toei Shinjuku Line: Higashi Ojima, Funabori, Ichinoe, Mizue, Shinozaki

Tokyo Metro Tozai Line: Kasai, Nishi-Kasai

Travel Tip: Nearly all of Edogawa City is easily accessible by Toei Bus and trains, so go get yourself a 700 yen Toei 1Day Pass (Toei Marugoto Kippu) and have fun!

For additional details, please check out the official website (link in Japanese):

Edogawa Komatsuna Gourmet Stamp Rally Fun


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