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Introduce ritualized healing to your #SelfcareSunday skincare routine with the Discover Edogawa Collection!

This bundle features 4 items handcrafted in Edogawa, Japan: our signature Green Radiance Clay Mask, original komatsuna print tenugui, (1) limited edition “Edo x Tokyo” tenugui; a wooden multipurpose tool.

Komatsuna Print Tenugui

This exfoliating facial cloth features a whimsical botanical print inspired by our native superfood, komatsuna.

【Materials】100% cotton

【Measurements】Approximately 90 cm x 35 cm

Green Radiance Clay Mask

Proudly made in Edogawa, Japan using our native superfood komatsuna, our Green Radiance Clay Mask is a preservative-free blend of French green clay, matcha and komatsuna to detox and brighten the skin.

【Ingredients】 Illite (Green Clay), Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Brassica Rapa Leaf/Stem Powder

【Net Weight】 50 g


The “Edo x Tokyo” tenugui comes in 5 colors and is a joint production between the Tokyo metropolitan government and 4th generation textile dyer Eiichi Takahashi of Edo Yukata.
Features a print hand-inked in the historical “takanetsu” method. Each color represents a specific aspect of Tokyo’s vibrant history:

Red=Unique; Purple=Excellent; Yellow=Exciting; Green=Delight; Blue=Comfort

【Material】100% cotton

【Measurements】 Approximately 96 cm x 37 cm

Oak Spoon

Use the sleek and minimalist wooden spoon to measure, mix, and apply the Green Radiance Clay Mask. Handcrafted by Hideo Takahashi, a skilled artisan with more than 20 years’ woodworking experience under his belt. Made from Japanese oak.

【Measurements】Approximately 18.5 cm

【Product Name】 Discover Edogawa Collection

【Net Weight】

*Comes with our original cotton drawstring pouch

Due to the handmade nature of our products, there may be slight variations in color and/or craftsmanship.

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Edogawa City 101

It’s true that Tokyo is home to 14 million people and the world’s busiest train station. But, head east towards the Edo River and you’ll discover spacious scenic parks, photogenic gardens, and winding waterways. Welcome to Edogawa City. It’s a quiet nature retreat that’s a different side to Japan’s capital. 

Must-Have Lifestyle Product:

Discover Edogawa Collection

Edogawa, Japan is the birthplace of komatsuna and [EDO BEAUTY LAB]. Our Discover Collection invites you to experience the wonders of Edogawa City from the comfort of your home. The rich history of our artisanal craftsmanship and agricultural industry awaits you!

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Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple


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